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OFFICIAL Flower Fairy Sightings Registry!

"...I have drawn all the plants and flowers very carefully, from real ones; and everything I have said about them is true as I could make it.  But I have never seen a Fairy"...  From Flower Fairies of the Wayside,  Cicely Mary Barker.

We welcome photos of your Flower Fairy Sightings.  You should never go out into your garden without your camera.  You never know know when you'll have that very special Flower Fairy moment!  Please E-Mail us your Flower Fairy Photos or Stories and we will post them so Flower Fairy Lovers all over the world can enjoy them!  Thank you!

Flower Fairy Folklore

Flower Fairies are most likely found in gardens, forests, meadowlands, near streams and brooks, jungles, and parks.  Signs that a Flower Fairy may be near include the following: Feeling as if someone is watching you when you see no one there, feeling as if an insect is touching you when there isn't one there, a wonderful fragrance, hushed giggling, distant glowing objects.

Flower Fairy rings usually consist of mushrooms or rocks in a circle.  Flower Fairy rings are places where Flower Fairies rejoice and dance in circles when no one else is around.  It is said that if a human steps into their circle, he or she will be forced to dance with the Fairies.  It will only seem like minutes have passed by, but in human years the enslavement has taken place for three to seven years.  A friend may be of help, however, if they reach in and pull the person out without stepping into the circle.

Below are Flower Fairy Photos and Stories from all over the World!

"When I was about 6 years old I was in my Grandmother's kitchen, I saw this Fairy that was yellow that had a crown of Daisies upon her head, thus I called her The Daisy Flower Fairy.  She was only about 4 inches tall, and I remember her sitting on my shoulder. 
I didn't know that she was a Flower Fairy untill about a year ago when I did some research on the Fairies, and since then I have seen three other sightings of Flower Fairies.  The other was when I was sitting and I saw the figure of a blue Fairy.  Another time my friend and I had been climbing trees and we heard a high pitched giggling noise.  We shouted for the "giggler" to come out.  Every time we yelled it just giggled even more!  I am positive this was a Flower Fairy."  Ciara  UK 

"This photo was taken early one morning at the 2004 Northwest Flower and Garden Show before the doors opened.  I knew I had caught them by surprise because every picture I took after this one came up blank.  It looks to me like the Flower Fairies from all over the Show were having an early morning meeting!" RVH  Seattle, WA  

While at the 2004 San Francisco Flower and Garden Show, I noticed a middle-aged woman writing something on a piece of paper directly in front of our booth.  She then approached me and handed me this piece of paper.  On it was a poem she said she had written as a little girl.  She claimed the poem was inspired by an appearance of a Flower Fairy.  She then vanished into the huge crowd never to be seen again.  Here is her poem. Rick  Woodinville, WA

"The Fairies have never
a penney to spend,
they haven't a thing put by.

But theirs is the dower
of bird and flower,
an't theirs is the earth and sky.

And tho you may live
in a palace of gold,
or sleep in a drud up ditch,
you'll never be poor
as the Fairies are,
And never, no never
as rich."  Unknown


Harold Feinstein Collection

Harold Feinstein Collection

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Cocoa Leaf Lamps
Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies
Cicely Mary Barker Flower Fairies

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